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it's just jewellery

Busper is delighted to invite you to all the events related to Jewellery during the special show Schmuck 2016 of the International Trade Fair Munich. Curiously,this collective happening lacks an official name. Rumours had been spread, argumentations have taken place – unneeded:

since 2007 we call it smk Furnishing a logo and name, Busper also manages to abbreviate Schmuck (jewellery) to smk while extending its purview to encompass all the events and the common experience shared by smk’s visitors. and, by extension, a corporate identity. A common feeling spreads. smk is the belly button of the jewellery world. busper is the feeling before during and after wearing jewellery.

But who is hiding behind Busper? It is a group of Lacanian lackeys, gifted goldsmiths, zealous socialists, keen commercialists, second-class cast-cleaners, word worshippers, Dionysian ascetics, wild-eyed wire-wankers, Foucauldian fauvists, mercantilist merchandisers, semi- semaphoric serendipitists, aware wearers of witty appliqués, young art deniers, monetary moaners, hardy art apologists.